Last Upate: 11/10/08

Gender-specific gene response to survivability after severe burn


It is observed that female patients have lower survival rate than male patients after servere burn. What are the gender-specific gene response that might contribute to the survival difference? We designed this study to address the interaction of gender factor and surival factor using adult burn patients only.


We used 86 patients and healthy controls, each with two arrays. One array from early stage (0-9days) and the other from middle stage (10-49 days). The head count of patients is shown in the table.

Type Female Male Grand Total
Died/span> 6 13 19
Survived 14 53 67
Grand Total 20 66 86




  • Interaction effect: genes respond to survival differently in two gender groups
  • Gene List

  • Addtive effect: genes respond to survival similarly in two gender groups, but their's a difference in signal level
  • Gene List

  • Gender effect only: genes do not respond to survival, but have gender difference
  • Gene List

  • Survival effect only: genes respond to survival similarly in two gender groups at similar signal level
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